Starts at CAD $395.50/ month

Account Creation - $113/ account

Includes management of 1 Instagram account linked to 1 Facebook page, minimum 3 posts/ week, content curation and creation, hashtag research, and 24/7 access to your account manager. Please note, additional platforms will cost extra.


Heal With Horses Therapeutic Ctr


Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs

SMM H&K IG.jpg

Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre is a Registered Canadian Charity offering Equine Therapy in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Because they are a charity, their focus was to show their audience exactly what happens in their sessions and a day in the life on their farm. They would also like to attract donors, sponsors, clients and volunteers. We decided to post predominantly reels as they have a vast amount of footage and content available. This has resulted in an increase in engagement & followers as well as in an increase in inquiries from potential new clients.

 Suzie L - Owner 

Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs is the Only Registered Ethical Mini Pig Breeder in Ontario, Canada who also sells Premium Mini Pig Pet Food and other homemade products. The owner wanted to increase sales of their piglets and products and to have enough interest in piglets to generate a waiting list. We to decided to post predominantly reels as they have a vast amount of footage and content available. This has resulted in an posts with over 100 likes, over 100 new followers in the first few months, an increase in food sales, and we are very close to starting a waiting list after 6 months.

Discoveries Consignment & Resale

SMM Monthly Example DCR.jpg

Discoveries Consignment & Retail is an online used clothing retailer and consignment store. As a product based business, we feature their products every other post and fill in the gaps with funny fashion memes and Discoveries blog posts in a 3 : 1 ratio (memes : blogs). The memes represent the owner's personality and give comedic relief between the ads. It also creates an attractive Checker Board pattern. We also splash in 3 square posts to advertise a group of products such as women's leather and men's sweaters.

GetintheLoop PEC


GetintheLoop PEC is a mobile App that features local businesses, where ever you are in Canada. The App tracks your location and updates the offers available in your location in real time. Tracey wanted to her increase App downloads, membership, and Business Partnership. I was able to boost their numbers for membership and increase their followers on Instagram.

Alaura D - The Financial Healer

Alaura is an agent of WFG and has named herself the Financial Healer. Her account will explain different financial concepts with written text, video, and real life scenarios every other week, and other content such as quotes and reviews in between. We will post 3 days per week and this will result in a pattern of rows, with the colours set up to blend across the page.

Yoga With Mikenze

SMM Monthly Example YWM.jpg

Yoga With Mikenze is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. We post to her account daily. Mikenze regularly has photoshoots and has many reviews. We post her series of photos from each shoot every other day, creating a Checker Board pattern. We weave her review posts from side to side along the feed and on the other side of that we post another type of content ranging from Goat Yoga photos to pose explanation videos.

Jason's Moving Inc.


Jason's Moving was a young moving company that didn't have many real life photos, so we created fun posts using flyers, advertising videos, and stock images. They did however have many great reviews, so every Friday we posted one on a background that we created specifically for their company. This created a pattern of similar posts in Columns.

"Mikenze handled all social media related advertising and promotions for us here at Jason's Moving Inc. She posted several times weekly for us to keep our business fresh in people's minds. Her posts were bright, colourful, and she created attractive looking files with pictures so that we stood out when she posted them. She went above and beyond what I was expecting and was very thorough, organized and methodical in her work. I highly recommend Social Media Mikenze"

Jason's Moving Inc.

WFG - Team Spirit - Shauntal

SMM Monthly Example SCC.jpg

WFG Team Spirit is a team of financial advisors. The focus is educating followers on financial concepts and advertising the service offered to attract more clients and agents. We post 3 days per week, the first post being a monthly webinar announcement on the first Monday of the month and financial quotes for the rest. We post financial tips every Wednesday, and Fridays are reserved for new Agent introductions, reviews, videos, and the number of families they have helped that month. This creates a column pattern with a twist.

"Mikenze is a great fit for my team's Instagram page @wfgteamspirt. I had a big vision to expand my brand and market but needed the right skills (posting on a consistent schedule, content creation) to execute it. So when I came across Mikenze and her business, I immediately contacted her. From there we had a great one on one meeting and decided to move forward. Since then, I've been amazed on how quickly my vision has come to life and how much time I've saved. What I love most about Mikenze is her strong organization skills, ability to do things quickly and her openness to different ideas. I highly recommend her services especially for anyone looking to expand their business."

WFG Team Spirit

Mikenze P - Financial Educator

SMM Monthly Example MPFE.jpg

Mikenze Pearsoll - Financial Educator is geared towards giving financial education and advertising monthly webinars and the services offered. It also is important that we tell the agent's financial story to show she is just like anyone else looking for financial freedom. We post 3 days per week in a Column pattern. We curated content from relevant blogs, sourcing appropriately, to create attractive and informative posts

Social Media Mikenze


This is the feed for Social Media Mikenze. We have arranged it to cover different topics for three week periods, and then a service is advertised between them at the end of the three weeks. This creates an interesting Checker Board pattern that is divided by a colourful advertisement.